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A guide to borrowing items from Lemieux Library, Summit and InterLibrary Loan

Summit Visitors

Any Student, Faculty, or Staff from another Alliance Member Library is entitled to the same rights when they walk into a library as they are when they are at their home Library. However they must be verified.

Patrons requesting visiting patron privileges and or requests to pick up at a different member Library must physically visit the library in person in order to be verified.

Patrons will need to bring their ID (University, College, State Issued) and must be able to log in to their Library account.

In order to maintain our reciprocal on-site borrowing program, staff at each Alliance library will need to verify that the visiting patron is a current student, faculty, or staff at a Summit library, and then enter a patron record for the visiting patron into their own patron databases. We call this "adopting" each other's Summit-eligible patrons.

Calling other libraries to verify patrons is difficult given the various hours of operation, levels of library staff working Circulation desks, busy phone lines, etc. This "workaround" is an efficient way for Alliance libraries to determine eligibility for Visiting Patron service: we will ask the visiting patron to log into their home library accounts at the circulation desk, and from there the staff member can see the patron's address on record, the patron's User Group, and the patron record's expiration date.

We regret that Guest Borrowers are unable to renew items at this time.

Lemieux Sponsored Guest Borrowers

Lemieux Sponsored Guest accounts can be created for volunteers, members of visiting programs or conferences, and groups with which the library has a reciprocal agreement. Arrangements must be made in advance and approved by the Circulation Manager, Stacey Fullwiler. Further approval from Library Administration may be necessary. 


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