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INST/PLSC 3650: East Asian Security (Enyu Zhang)

This guide supports INST/PLSC 365 (Professor Enyu Zhang) for Fall Quarter 2013. This course examines key sources and forces that shape and change the complex dynamics of conflict and cooperation in contemporary East Asia.

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Books on topics related to this course can be found in the following Library of Congress Classification ranges.

E- History of America and the United States

  • 183.7-183.9 Diplomatic History, Foreign and General Relation

DK- History of Russia

DS- History of Asia

  • 501-518.9 East Asia, The Far East (518.15-518.9 - Relation of individual countries to East Asia)
  • 701-799.9 China
  • 801-897 Japan
  • 901-937 Korea

JZ- International relations

  • 63-1153 Sources
  • 1305-206 Scope of international relations
  • 3674-3875 State territory and its parts
  • 4835-5490 International organization and associations
  • 5511.2-6300 Promotion of peace. Peaceful change
  • 6385-6405 The armed conflict. War and order
  • 6422-6422.5 Neutrality. Non-participation in wars. Norms of neutrality.
  • 6350 Humanitarian aspects of war

KZ - Law of Nations, International law

Additionally, older titles may be found under the obsolete heading JX - International law:

  • 63-191 Collections. Documents. Cases
  • 1305-1598 Foreign relations
  • 1621-1896 Diplomacy
  • 1901-1995 International arbitration, organizations, etc.
  • 2001-6650 International Law

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