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MBA 5500 : Competitive Strategy (Mahsud)

Review your assignment

GROUP PROJECT: Each group member chooses a publicly owned company within the same industry.

External environment: Socio-cultural,  demographic, economic, legal/political, global trends, technological

Industry Specific information using Porter's Five Forces: Threats (new entrants,substitutes), power of buyers and suppliers, internal rivalry  

INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH PAPER: Internal environmental analysis of firm. Compare competitors and industry.

Qualitative: Strategy, positioning, leadership, board of directors, organizational culture (CSR) and structure.

Quantitative: Analyzing accounting ratios: profitability, liquidity, leverage and activity  (3-4 yrs)

What type of companies work best for this project?

Need to present a robust set of financials? Then consider this set of criteria for your firm choice

  • Publicly Owned Companies
  • Parent Companies
  • Companies with a track record of financials
  • Companies which share the same industry code

Trying to benchmark a company based on qualitative information?

  • Then try some quick searches in the business article databases to find out how much has been openly reported on the company?  If you have chosen a small, or a privately held firm for analysis, you will probably find less information.
  • Remember the home town newspaper or local business journal is often an excellent source of information about a company.
  • Be careful! Do not rely on the company's website for all of the information about the company.

Where Can I find the Best Sources?

Try a variety of sources to find information for your paper. Remember you want credible sources. So try to verify your information by finding multiple sources which confirm your original source whether they be in the databases or in the open web.

Use the databases because the indexed sources have been selected as reliable starting points. Subject headings will help you build on your original search.

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