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INBU 3200 - Teresa Brosnan


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Felipe Castillo

Country Analysis Assignment

 1. 2-3 p. Report.  Include 3+ academically, credible sources cited in APA.

 2. Based on your research, decide whether to do business in your assigned country. Consider:

  • Geographic location, capital cities, climate, population
  • Heads of state, brief details of political and economic systems
  • GDP, Main products, businesses
  • Main trading partners, main business, or industry groups
  • Language, ethnic origins, religion, culture

 3. View relevant factors from an IB perspective.  

 4. Outline pro/cons of doing business in your required country.

 5.  Include Annotated Bibliography: an organized list and summary of  consulted sources.  Start with  author (if available), title and the publishing information. The annotation is  brief (150 words or 4-6 sentences). It not only describes the work, it can also be evaluative. For this assignment, for each source include:

  • Purpose
  • Summary of main arguments
  • Why source was chosen
  • Topics covered

Basic Country Information

 Compare general sources for Chile.  

Customs and Culture

   If the basic country information does not have sufficient information on culture and society,

try the sources below:

eReference book

Gives basic country profile plus indepth information on food, marriage/ kinship, social stratification, gender roles, landed property, etc...

Article Databases

Business Source Complete & ABI Trade& Industry are top sources for international business articles.  Find international newspapers in LexisNexis.

Global environments. Search  information about  different environments which may effect your firm globally.  Note: You may want to think of narrower concepts. Here are some examples....


Broad term:Political-> Corruption taxation
Broad term: Environmental-> pollution Natural disasters
Broad term: Economic-> recession foreign investments
Broad term: Technological-> software piracy Intellectual property
Broad term: Culture-> family business gender