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Reserving videos to show in class

Video/DVD Booking is a service available to Seattle University faculty who need a Lemieux Library video or DVD to show in class on a specific date. To ensure that the item you want to show in class is available, plan ahead and book it!

  • Bookings must be made 1 week in advance to accommodate currently circulating items.
  • Booking requests must be made via the online Request Form.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the address indicated on the request form.
  • Once a video or DVD is booked for a specific date, any loans that would overlap with the booking date will be denied.
  • Booked materials must be picked up and returned promptly so that others may use them.

Occasionally, a video/DVD you have booked will subsequently be required by another faculty member for Course Reserves. In keeping with standard library loan policies, Course Reserve use of any library item has priority over any other use. Circulation  staff will be happy to work with you to find substitute materials or reschedule your booking.

Additional questions about Video/DVD booking may be directed to Reserves Technician Aaron Morgan at (206) 296-6235, or

Feature Films and Documentaries to Stream

Looking films or movies to show in class or to support your curriculum? Check out these streaming platforms:

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