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INST/PLSC 3650: East Asian Security (Enyu Zhang)

This guide supports INST/PLSC 365 (Professor Enyu Zhang) for Fall Quarter 2013. This course examines key sources and forces that shape and change the complex dynamics of conflict and cooperation in contemporary East Asia.

Need a Topic?

For ideas and inspiration, check out the following:

General Information Sources

Browsing reference materials is an excellent way to find background information and topic ideas.

Search Strategy

Decide on a topic.

Turn your topic into a research question. To help formulate your research question, ask yourself:

·     What do you already know about the topic?

·     What you do you want to know about the topic

Choose keywords from your research question. Keywords are usually the main ideas or concepts in your research question.

Find synonyms for your keywords. Synonyms give you more options for search terms.

To find more synonyms or descriptors you can: 1) use a thesaurus, 2) look at descriptors or subject terms on a citation/abstract, 3) use the database's thesaurus or suggestions for terms 4) ask a librarian

Start searching! Use your keywords and synonyms as search terms in databases and book catalogs.

Refine your search by adjusting key words and terms as you find useful sources



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