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Media Production Center

Drop-In Zone

The first thing you see in the Media Production Center, and the first stop on any visit, is the drop-in zone. Powerful computers, with a range of media creation and editing software, and the support you need to get started on your project.

  • The 6 workstations in the drop-in zone are available to anyone in the SU community, during all Media Production Center service hours.
  • No reservations are required, stations are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • In periods of high demand, users may be limited to 4 consecutive hours per day.
  • Headphones are required for audio within the drop-in zone (available upon request).
  • Covered beverages are allowed in the drop-in zone, but food is not.
  • The Center is not responsible for, and does not provide storage for your electronic files.
  • You are required to bring your own storage device (USB 3.0 are recommended) to work on projects in the Center.


All MPC Video and Audio Editing Stations are equipped with 27-inch 5K iMac computers featuring dual displays and loaded with software that includes: Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, iMovie, Garage Band, Logic Pro X, and Toast Titanium 10 (w/ BluRay).

Software training is available in the MPC via, books, ebooks, and video tutorials. The MPC staff offers additional training and support.

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