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Media Production Center

Editing/Recording Rooms

When your work requires a little more privacy, or some noise isolation, you can get that in one of our private editing rooms. These rooms offer all the tools available in the drop-in zone, with more space, more chairs, and a door to close - keeping your noise in, and everyone else's out.

  • The 4 private editing rooms are available by appointment only, and only during Media Production Center service hours.
  • Users who have demonstrated proficiency with the hardware and software may request a reservation. 
  • In periods of high demand, users may be limited to 4 consecutive hours per day.
  • Request a reservation by completing the Editing Room Request Form.
  • Covered beverages are allowed in the editing rooms, but food is not.
  • The Center is not responsible for, and does not provide storage for your electronic files.
  • You are required to bring your own storage device (FireWire 800 external hard drives are recommended) to work on projects in the Center.


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