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UCOR 1100 - Race, Politics and Media (Tracy)

Argument Sources Description

Argument sources are the work of other scholars, commentators, etc. who have studied the same question you (the researcher) are studying.  These can be people making arguments with which you either agree or disagree. 

Searching: Where to Look: What Search Terms to Use: What to Look For:
Argument Sources Scholarly Journal Articles or Media Watchdog Magazines via Library Databases (Academic Search Complete and Communication and Mass Media Complete are the best database choices) Keywords that help you find articles about media coverage of your event/issue or a related event/issue or the larger topic related to your event/issue. “Media” and its synonyms should be included in your search. Use Boolean logic and other search strategies that you learned in the library session. Two articles that represent the larger scholarly conversation that you are participating in with your own study and paper. These articles should be other studies about the way the media have covered this event/issue or a related event/issue.


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