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UCOR 1100 - Race, Politics and Media (Tracy)

Exhibit Sources

Exhibit sources are data, phenomena, or artifacts that require interpretation and provide the primary evidence for your argument—the things the researcher is puzzling over.

Searching For: Where to Look: What Search Terms to Use: What to Look For:
Exhibit Sources Newspapers via Library Databases (US Newsstream Proquest) works well for most projects.  Only search the newspapers you chose in your study design. The simplest search terms possible. Think of the word or words that would be in every newspaper article written about your event/issue but would eliminate most articles about other events/issues from the same time period. “Media” and “bias” should not be included in your search terms. All of the newspaper articles that result from your study. You should narrow the date range and publications so you get between 20-40 articles. Read and analyze all of them to determine the answer to your research question. Choose five to analyze in your paper.


Newspaper Databases

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