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UCOR 1100 - Race, Politics and Media (Tracy)

Method Sources Description

Method sources provide the lens through which you are approaching your problem.  They are the sources that you are using to establish your methodology.  Method sources are usually articles or book chapters that explain a theory that helps you decide how to approach your research and/or analysis.

Searching: Where to Look: What Search Terms to Use: What to Look For:
Method Sources Scholarly Journal Articles via Library Databases (Communication and Mass Media Complete is the best choice, followed by Academic Search Complete), Books, Media Politics (Iyengar) Keywords that help you find articles about the type of bias or framing you are investigating (or media bias or news frames more generally). You shouldn’t search for your event/issue/topic. Use Boolean logic and other search strategies that you learned in the library session. One article, book, or book chapter that helps you explain, define, and better understand the type of bias or frame that you are investigating.  It’s fine if the article is totally unrelated to your event/issue as long as it helps you know what to look for when you’re analyzing your news articles (exhibit sources). 


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