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Librarians at iLead 2023

by Chris Granatino on 2023-05-02T15:19:00-07:00 | 0 Comments

This past weekend, three of our Library Faculty presented at the iLead Conference 2023: Living and Leading the Mission. iLead is the Division of Student Development's training and development program for student leader groups, and is open to any students interested in furthering their professional and leadership development. This year’s theme, Living and Leading the Mission, incorporated the university’s mission and Jesuit values into an engaging conference including a keynote discussion and presentations.

Librarians Lydia Bello and Jennifer Bodley presented to student leaders on the topic of online privacy.  Online privacy is an important part of daily life, and it affects everything from personal agency to personal expression. As we live more of our lives on the internet through apps and services, we need to be aware of what information is being collected on us, and how our decisions about that affect ourselves and others. Privacy is a communal value and shared right across groups. They suggest using a privacy browser or installing browser-add ons that block trackers (Firefox, Privacy Badger).  They also suggest using a password manager to organize and generate strong passwords (1Password, Bitwarden).  If you are in a group, consider reviewing strategies (Surveillance Self-Defense) to safeguard the privacy of members.

Chris Granatino’s talk, “Trauma-informed frameworks for public services” focuses attention on frameworks for understanding trauma, and how to support our selves, and the people we serve in our role as public-facing employees at the University.  What being trauma-informed means, is that we are regularly reviewing our policies and procedures, training and developing our staff, and thinking about how our approach can both incorporate an awareness of our patrons needs, while also being open to, and accepting them as they are.  Our goal is to create a safe place, where people who have experienced trauma do not feel judged, and feel comfortable asking for help, or inquiring about our services.  Topics of discussion included five strategies for contextualizing, understanding and empathizing with the people you support in your role as a student employee – and de-escalation techniques for difficult encounters, using a trauma-informed approach. 

The slides for these sessions are available on request, please reach out to Lydia Bello (, Jennifer Bodley (, or Chris Granatino ( for a PDF. 

If you would like to learn more about either of these topics, please reach out to our Library team – we would be happy to engage with you!  If you'd like to learn more or discuss other issues of online privacy, Ask a Librarian!

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