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A guide to borrowing items from Lemieux Library, Summit and InterLibrary Loan

Lost and Damaged Material Fees

What is the cost of a lost or damaged item?

Lemieux Library, Summit and Interlibrary Loan items 15 days overdue are deemed Lost and charges will be assessed to your account.

For InterLibrary Loan items additional charges may be assessed to your account after a bill is received from the lending library.

Item Type Lost or Damaged Item Fee
All Lemieux Library materials $90.00 per item
All Summit Library materials $90.00 per item
Interlibrary Loan materials Charge determined by lending library, minimum $90.00 per item
Mac and Windows laptops $1200.00 per item
Chromebooks $200.00 per item
Other technology loans Charge determined by replacement cost, minimum $30.00 per item

We regret that we are unable to accept new or used replacement copies of lost or damaged items in lieu of payment.

Paying Lost Material Fees

What if I need to pay a Fine, Fee or Replacement charge?

If you need to pay a lost or damaged item fee, the Lemieux Library now offers remote credit card payments over the phone. Here are the steps you will need to follow to pay your fees:

  1. Using your Seattle University Outlook account make an appointment with Patron Accounts Specialist Alia Pappas. You will need to enter your name, email, and phone number. Once a time slot is selected, a calendar event will be created for both you and the Patron Accounts Technician.
  2. The Patron Accounts Specialist will call you during your selected appointment time to process your payment. While this service accepts most credit and debit cards we unfortunately cannot accept payments from American Express at this time.
  3. Once payment is processed you will receive an email receipt from the Converge Payment System and the Circulation desk.

If you have any questions or problems accessing this service please contact the Lemieux Library Circulation Desk at 206-296-6233 or email Please allow up to 1-2 business days for a reply.

Unfortunately, we cannot make international calls. Patrons calling from international numbers must call the Patron Accounts Specialist (206-398-4448) during their appointment time.

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