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Lemieux Library
Lemieux Library

Hawaiian Studies

A collection of books, articles, databases, primary sources, and more related to the Hawaiian islands and its history, culture, food, art, agriculture, botany, language, community, activism, and more!

Finding Books & eBooks

The Lemieux Library has a varied collection of books, ebooks available for your use. When searching for relevent texts, be mindful of the authors who are writing some of these texts. Plenty of what exists on topics related to Hawai'i has been written by historians, anthropologists, and ethnographers not from the region. For many years, Hawaiian history and culture was looked upon from an anthropological perspective, described by white male outsiders and other colonizing perspectives. Some of these texts are still useful, but take them with a hefty grain of salt, as they can leave out the true narratives and lived experiences of native Hawaiians, especially Hawaiian women, and those with LGBTQIA+ lived experiences.

Hawaii is a complex place with a legacy of immigration, colonization, tourism, and more, so be mindful of Hawaiian stereotypes as you conduct your research. Consider the privilege and perspectives of the author of the sources you read. 

Books & Articles

These are just some of the books that SU has available on Hawaiian topics, but these are good places to start. If you hover your mouse over the "i" icon, you can see a brief description of each title. Many more are coming, so stay tuned! If you have a recommendation for a title you'd like to see in the library, or a topic you are interested in, please email me at

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