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Hawaiian Studies

A collection of books, articles, databases, primary sources, and more related to the Hawaiian islands and its history, culture, food, art, agriculture, botany, language, community, activism, and more!

Respectful Research

When doing research on living peoples, especially those that have been repeatedly marginalized, exploited, and forced from their lands through systemic oppression and racism, it's important to be respectful, and to act with care to the real humans you are reading about. These legacies contribute to generational trauma and it's important to consider any harm that research into, for example, Hawaiian cultural practices, that may occur if you go about it without respecting the voices, experiences, and histories of the people you are listening to. 

When conducting research in this area, consider reviewing resources on indigenous knowledge, indigenous methodologies and how this information can inform your perspective. There are resources below that go into respectful research practices in more detail, please take the time to review them.

For Doing Research on/for Indigenous Peoples

Citing Traditional Knowledge or Oral Histories

Conducting Indigenous Research (as Indigenous Students)

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