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Tips for a Google Image Search

Google Images is a quick and easy way to find many images by keyword, however, it is not always the most accurate source of visual information. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using Google Images:

  • Always check the source of the image to see if it is reputable. The website where the image was found is listed below each image on the search results page. 
  • Keep in mind that images found on the Internet may have been altered for size, color, pixelation, etc. 
  • Google uses your browsing data to show results tailored to your browsing habits. One person's Google Image search may look different from another person's Google Image search. 
  • Just because you can download and save the image from Google, does not mean the image is unprotected by copyright. 

How to use Google Image Search

A painting of a Black woman with her head turned to the side. Her hair is elaborately coiffed into a tall hairstyle, and she is wearing a black high necked dress with the curling vines and flowers of the background wrapping around her torso lightly.

Example: Kehinde Wiley, Shantavia Beale II, 2012. Oil on Canvas, 60 x 48 in. Collection of Ana and Lenny Gravier. 

If you find an image on the internet and you want more information about it, you can use Google Image Search to try and track it down.

  1. To start, download the image you want to search for. 
  2. Open Google Image Search (
  3. Drag the image into the search box using your mouse or trackpad, holding and moving your cursor.
  4. If the image is found by google, it should give you information about the image, the size of the image you are using, and possibly the artist/photographer, name of artwork, etc. 
  5. Google may also show you visually similar images, which can be useful in some cases as well. 

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