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Welcome to the ethnobotany research guide from the Seattle U Library!

Plinth in the taqwsheblu Vi Hilbert Ethnobotanical Garden that reads "Seattle University taqᵂšǝblu Vi Hilbert Ethnobotanical Garden, dᶻixᵂ dxᵂɁugᵂusaϮ tiɁǝɁ swatixᵂtǝd, The earth is our first teacher"

The taqᵂšǝblu Vi Hilbert Ethnobotanical Garden was dedicated on Seattle University's campus in April 2006. To honor this garden and support its educational and outreach mission, the Library acquired books related to ethnobotany, especially those focused on the relationships between Puget Sound's native plants and Native people. Many thanks to Janice Murphy and Rob Efird for their help in selecting materials.

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The Library's contact info is available at the right. Please reach out to the librarians if you want more help with ethnobotany research or have questions about using these resources!

Photo by K. Shuyler (2014); used with permission.

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