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Nonprofit Leadership

Use this guide as a starting point for research in Nonprofit Leadership.

Leadership Theories


Here are some examples of leadership theories:


Trait Skill Style
Situational Contingency Path-Goal
Leader-Member exchange Transformational Level 5
Followership Transactional Charismatic
Multicultural Leadership Participative Women&Leadership
Servant Leadership Shared Leadership Team Leadership
Adaptive Leadership Resonant Leadership Collaborative




Finding Articles in the Databases


Step 1. Try to think of  synonyms or qualifiers for your theory.                                                              

Step 2.  Choose a database      (Academic Search Complete, Research Library  Complete would both be good Choices for a general database)

Step 3. Now perform this search.  Number of results  ______________________  Are they relevant?   ______________________  Are there any limits or sorting you can do to see your results through a different lens?

Step 4. To identify additional keywords and/or issues, look at a few relevant records.   If you are using Academic Search Complete, or Business Source Complete.  evaluate at the subject headings in the left column.  Note any additional terms   1. _________________     2._________________ 

Step 5. Perform  a new search using your new terms and evaluate your results.  For topics which cross disciplines, search multiple databases.


Working Papers

Try these sources for overview

Organizations: Focus on Leadership

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