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Consider Marketing Strategy, Niche markets,  Consumer behevior, Demographics.  Advertising or public relations may be other terms you try.Use the databases to find articles. Check the Annual Report or SEC filings for information on marketing.


As you search through various web sites, you may find market research reports from firms for a price. Unless the report is part of our database subscription, we will not be able to supply you with this report. Most of these reports are proprietary and are not available to libraries.  You may find that in this instance a search of Lexis Nexis for press releases on the report or other sources (often the web sire will have press releases) will give you some information about the content of the report.

Databases for Marketing Information

These databases will help you find articles on how a specific company is marketing its product or services. Use the company name (and field) and Marketing or marketing strategy as a beginning search.  Try the business databases first, then move on to the general databases.



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