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BCOM 2800 : Business Communication (Ruppert)

What do you need to find?

1) Purpose

What? Cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, ability to maintain structural and/or architectural integrity

Find credible, relevant, and current sources!

2) Process 

Revise and refine search with new information and terms.  

  • Where? Books, articles, government sites, and research reports

3) Evaluate/Synthesize

  • Use article databases and credible websites 
  • Verify with multiple sources
  • Choose 5 sources and write evaluative summary 

Boolean Operators

Boolean operators provide a means for combining words and phrases by using special terms (AND, OR, NOT) to define, limit, or widen a search:

AND narrows a search. Use AND to combine search terms to reduce the size of the results list and to generate more specific search results.

Example: windows AND coverings

OR expands a search. Use OR to include synonyms or related terms in a search.

Example: shades OR blinds

NOT refines a search by excluding terms. Use NOT to exclude homographic terms (words spelled the same, but mean something different) or subcategories of topics that are not relevant.

Example: bulbs NOT incandescent

Example: bulbs NOT plant

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