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STMM 5110: Theology of Vatican II

Theology of Vatican II - STMM 5110

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These items are non-circulating and can be found in the BV 8-12 and BV 1134, and BXZ 830 range.

Subject Searches

The CLICnet online catalog lists the library holdings of UST’s libraries as well as the other members of our Library Consortium. Patrons can access author, title, call number, and publication information for material in the library collections including books, e-books, audiovisual material and reference books.  CLIC libraries contains a wealth of material in the dealing with the Second Vatican Council. To access the catalog click on the CLICnet link at the top of the next column. 

Good subject searches:

·  Vatican Council (2nd: 1962-1965)

·  Vatican Council (2nd: 1962-1965 -- Congresses

·  Vatican Council (2nd: 1962-1965). Constutio de sacra liturgia

·  Vatican Council (2nd: 1962-1965). Constitutio dogmatica de divina revelatione

·  Vatican Council (2nd: 1962-1965). Constitutio dogmatica de Ecclesia

Material on the history of the Council are classed in the following areas:

  • Pope John XXIII
  • Vatican Council II

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CLICnet is the library catalog of eight private colleges and universities in the Twin Cities, including Saint Thomas. Books from other campuses can be requested online and delivered to the UST library of your choice.

CLICnet Examples

See these searches as they happen!

New Testament Magic

Cardinal Newman and modernism

Commentaries on Ephesians

Karl Rahner on the Trinity

In the library catalog, you need to be more careful than in a web search like Google.  A catalog is just a big list of books with a little information about each, often the barest minimum. In a CLICnet search look especially for Subjects in the catalog information! 
Above are some ways to "work" the catalog.


WorldCat: national catalog that you can use in comprehensive searches to identify books and other materials on your topic

InterLibrary Loan

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