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Holocaust & Christian Faith

This guide is designed to be a starting point for research on topics related to the Holocaust (1939-1945) as explored through religious themes.

TIPS for Journal Searching

Most of the journals list on the right, are part of our subscription databases.

  • Search JSTOR, Project Muse or Academic Search Complete by topic. Results will likely reflect some of these journals. 
  • If you want to search the catalog by a specific journal, start with the library's home page. Change the catalog box, by click on the tab. Choose Journals. Now search by a specific journal title. If we have access to the journal, our online holdings we have link to the title. 
  •  For journals, which focus on a specific country, search the catalog by the name of the country, then history, and further limit the scope by specifying  journas or use the the word periodicals in your search. For a broader slection, search for journals in the UW catalogs. Journals many be in the language of the country.



Open Access eJournals

Why use periodicals?

Periodicals are useful for three primary reasons:  they...

- provide a wealth of valuable information that is current and timely
- contain the latest discussions on a topic
- cover topics not yet published in book form

Periodicals are created for different audiences. Some are for general readers and others for scholars and researchers.

Although the terms periodical, journal, serial and magazine have slightly different definitions, you will likely hear them used interchangeably. These are works that come out on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, annually) and contain articles written by various authors.

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