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How to Find and Use eBooks

Purpose of this guide is to provide information and instructions on the Lemieux Library's eBook collection.




 Click READ ONLINE. On the next screen, to navigate use the tabs (listed below) .

Details: Find book information- author, title, publisher, page number etc.

Here you will see how many pages you are able/ have left to copy and print.

Table of Contents

Search: Enter  your search term. A list where term appears throughout the book as well as a link to each section will appear.

Notes:  Notetaking space  which can be saved throughout the loan period.

On the banner at the top of this second  screen  are also buttons to adjust  text size, turn the page, copy and print as well as  the dictionary, and

read aloud tools.

EBL and Reserves: These are entire books or single eBook chapters that are 'set aside' by a librarian for less than 24 hour lending. When eBooks or eBook chapters are put into reserve a new web access link is generated for them.

EBL and Orbis Cascade:

Lemieux Library, as a member of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, is involved in a cooperative eBook project using  EBL books.ou will see a field note which says   Ebook Library (Orbis Cascade Ebook Program) If you select a title from this project you will be able to access the eBook through the library's catalog and  through the Summit catalog.  You will then be directed to the Orbis Cascade page - here identify Seattle University as your home institution and enter your user ID and password before you can view online.

Notes can be created on any page in the Online Reader, just visit the 'Notes' tab


View EBL eBooks for 10minutes. While browsing you may not copy or print any portion of the book. After viewing, you will tbe asked  to checkout/download the eBook (24 hours).  Some EBL titles are part of cooperative eBook project with other academic libraries in the Orbis Cascade Consortium.  For these titles, you will be directed to the Orbis Cascade page - here you will identify Seattle University as your home institution and enter your user ID and password before you can view online.

EBl books can be downloaded to be read offline either on your personal computer or on a mobile device. However, eBooks can't  be downloaded to public/lab computers.

 To download EBL eBooks you must create an Adobe iD Account and download Adobe Digital Editions,a free software that allows you to download eBooks.The DOWNLOAD button appears after the 10 minutes of viewing has elapsed. Checkout/download the eBook for 24 hours. After 24 hours you are prompted to download again. You can print, copy and take notes only after the eBook has been downloaded.


EBL allows users to print 20% of a downloaded book's content,  pages need not  be consecutive. Only 5% of  a downloaded  book can be copied and pasted. EBL displays a message once the limit has been reached. (The Details tab tells number of pages you are able to print and copy )

 For more, watch this Library Basics: Printing and Copying from EBL (University of Ballarat)


EBL has 3 models, the most common of which is Non-Linear Lending™. Non-linear lending provides multiple concurrent access up to 325 loans a year. If a book is labelled under the Textbook Lending model, access is limited to a maximum of 3 simultaneous users. The  Unlimited Access  have no restrictions on access or loans per year.

iPad/iPhone or Android

1. Create Adobe  ID and download Adobe Digital Editions

2. Create an iTunes Account

3. Checkout/download EBL eBooks to Adobe Digital Editions

3. Transfer eBook to your  device via  the free Bluefire ReaderApp and iTunes Account.

4.. Connect  your device to the computer, open iTunes and sync your device.

5. Click on the Apps tab  iTunes and go to file sharing.

6.. Click on Add,  and select title you want to transfer.

7. Click on title and it should load in your device


   Kindle Fire

1.  Use  Browser to connect to EBL.

2. System automatically links to Bluefire app. Install

3. Download eBook

EBL eBook

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