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How to Find and Use eBooks

Purpose of this guide is to provide information and instructions on the Lemieux Library's eBook collection.


 Browser-based reader

To navigate ebrary, use the tabs across the top of the ebrary window:

Home outlines functions of the site, link to browse all titles, contains search box and links to training guide.

Search holds the latest search results and provides search tools and a search history

Bookshelf contains your saved links to documents, and any highlights or notes you’ve made in those books. Requires personal log in to use these features.

is an FAQ help feature of ebrary.


Viewing: No Limits

Ability to Highlight: To highlight, drag your mouse across text,  then click the icon with the yellow highlighter. The saved highighlighted text  will be added to your bookshelf and can be searched.


 Ebrary books can be read without downloading.  To checkout/download an eBook, highlight text, add note or save links,  create an  ebrary account:

1. Click   on the top left corner of the ebook screen and fill in the fields. Click submit . (On subsequent uses, use the  to link to log in).

2. You will get a message with your user name and password. Click OK.  Note user name and password for future uses.


3. You must also create an   Adobe ID Account  and download Adobe Digital Editions, a free software that allows you to checkout/download eBooks.


There is no time limit for viewing ebrary eBooks.  If you do NOT create an ebrary account you are still able to search and copy text, print pages and save citations to RefWorks or EndNote

  • To view a book just click on title or cover.



To checkout/download ebrary eBooks:  Create an ebrary account and an  Adobe ID account  which allows you to download Adobe Digital Editions, a free so

       Download the entire book:

  •  Read and annotate downloaded eBooks offline on your computer and transfer them to a mobile device.
  • 10 ebrary eBooks can downloaded at one time.
  • Checkout time: 14 days.

ftware for eBooks. Unlimited titles allow download of the entire book as well as page ranges.  With limited use titles, you can only create a PDF:

   N.B.: Some eBooks permit only a single user at a time. These books are not available for download as a whole book, but the PDF instructions for parts of the book will still work for them.



     Create a PDF for a specific page range

  • View a PDF offline on your computer using any standard PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader or transfer the PDF to a mobile device or an e-reader.
  • You cannot search text or make annotations with a PDF
  • You can save the PDF on your device indefinitely.

    To create specific page range PDF: 1) Click printer icon (print to pdf); 2)  Select option to create PDF image of specific page range. Enter beginning/ending page numbers Click OK. 


ebrary books can be either:

  • Single-user (SUPO license),
  • Three-user (3USER license), or
  • Multi-user (MUPO license).

Books in subscription collections are multi-user.  Purchased books, licenses vary.

For multi-user books, there is never a conflict:  any number of users can read, use, and download a multi-user book at the same time.

But a single-user book can only be accessed by one user at a time.  ebrary fact sheet

 iPad/iPhone or Android  users can checkout/download ebrary eBooks through Adobe Digital Editions, then transfer the eBook to their device and read with the Bluefire app.

Instructions for Bluefire App

 Bluefire app

1. Create an ebrary account. Sign in to Download

2. Create an Adobe ID and download Adobe Digital Editions

3. Create an iTunes Account

4. Download Bluefire from App store on your device.

5.  Select title for download through your ebrary account. Select option to download entire book. You can download unlimited use titles only.

6. Download the Bluefire app from the App Store   or Google Play to your device.

7. Connect  your device to the computer, open iTunes and sync your device.

8. Click on the Apps tab and go to file sharing.

9. Click on Add,  and select title you want to transfer.

10. Click on title and it should load in your device


Kindle Fire

Ebrary- enable Kindle Fire to install Aldiko Book Reader.  On your computer, install Adobe Digital Editon, download book and then transfer to with the installed Aldiko book reader


New Ebrary Reader Features Sept 8th

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