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How to Find and Use eBooks

Purpose of this guide is to provide information and instructions on the Lemieux Library's eBook collection.

Ebsco eBooks


eBook Detailed Record view by clicking eBook title. Read or download the eBook  from the Detailed Record using  the left column link.  Use the  right column to print, email, save, or export the record as well as add details about the eBook to your folder. You can also search terms within the eBook.

eBook Viewer on the top of the toolbar permits you to click the BackNew Search, or Exit links to check in the eBook after viewing. The Tools column on the right allows you to search  the eBook  text and save notes in your My EBSCOhost folder.

My EBSCOhost Folder

eBooks: When a user adds an eBook to their folder, information about the eBook appears in the eBooks area of the folder, without the eBook being checked out. eBooks may be added to the folder by clicking on the folder icon in the Result List or Detailed Record.

Holds:  Hold can be placed on an Ebsco eBook. There is a maximum of 10 holds and the request will stand for 15 months.

Checkouts: When an eBook is checked out/ downloaded, it is added to the Checkouts area of the folder. If you have not yet downloaded the eBook it can be accessed and downloaded from here.  Checkouts are set for 7 days.



Ability to place holds

If a book is "checked out," you will be asked whether you want to place a hold.  The hold can be in place for 15 months. When it is your turn for the book, you will get an email telling you that it is available.



EBSCO offers a 15 minute browsing option without logging into your EBSCO account and without checkout/download (1) After 15 minutes you must log into your EBSCO account and download the eBook (2).
  • Read online in the eBook Viewing by clicking on the eBook Full Text link in the Result List or Detailed Record
  • EBSCO recommends* that Mac computer users will have to download the Schubert It PDF Browser plug-in for Firefox and Safari to take advantage of the browse online feature in EBSCO eBooks.


Getting Started: Create an EBSCO account. Use the SIGN IN on the top left corner of the eBook screen to create a "My Ebscohost" account.


 Also create an Adobe  ID, which allows you to use the free software for downloading ebooks Adobe Digital Editions 

  Once logged in to EBSCO you can search  terms, take and save notes, use the dictionary, view  holds and checkouts, and download.

 For offline reading:

  • Click  Download (Offline) link
  • Select a Checkout period from the drop-down menu; click  Checkout & Download Button. Maximum checkout is 7 days.
  • The eBook is added to the Checkout area of the folder in the upper-right corner of the EBSCOhost interface.  Choose  Open with to read text  in Adobe Digital Editions or select Save file to  save to your computer.


You may print up to 60 pages only if you have checkedout/downloaded the eBook.  Page limits  vary by book. 

To print the Ebsco eBook, click the printer icon on the right.

USER HELP: * EBSCO eBook User's Guide:


Ebscohost offers a three tiered model for purchase and access to ebooks:
Many books are 1 (single User) at a time; other options can be  3 users at time or Unlimited Use



  iPad/iPhone or Android

1. Create a My Ebscohost account and sign in.

2. Create Adobe  ID and download Adobe Digital Editions

3. Create an iTunes Account

4. Checkout/download EBL eBooks to Adobe Digital Editions

5. Transfer eBook to your  device via  the free Bluefire ReaderApp and iTunes Account.

6. Connect  your device to the computer, open iTunes and sync your device.

7. Click on the Apps tab  iTunes and go to file sharing.

8. Click on Add,  and select title you want to transfer.

9. Click on title and it should load in your device

 Kindle Fire or Nook

1. Checkout/download EBL eBooks through Adobe Digital Editions, then transfer the eBook to device.

2. Patrons using an Kindle or Nook must transfer the eBook to their device via  the free Bluefire Reader App.


 PDF's for eBook Full-Text, see:

   Ebsco 3 min tutorial: download eBooks to mobile devices:


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