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How to Find and Use eBooks

Purpose of this guide is to provide information and instructions on the Lemieux Library's eBook collection.


How do I find eBooks?  Use the advanced search of the Primo Catalog and choose Material Type. Use the drop down menu and limit to eBooks. You can also identify an ebook in the results of your search by looking for ebook under the cover icon, and in the detailed record, the Format field will indicate "1 online source." 

Can I access ebooks purchased by other Orbis Cascade Libraries
Lemieux Library and its consortium Orbis Cascade partners collaborate in eBook projects. The eBooks in these projects will appear in the Lemieux Library catalog. They can be identified in the record with the notes: Orbis Cascade DDA Discovery Resource or the link ebrary Academic Complete. Is SU has purchased a DDA title, you will see this note: Orbis Cascade DDA Purchased Resource

 SU faculty, staff and students have access to these titles from the Primo catalog . However,eBooks which have been purchased or subscribed to by an academic library and not part of the shared eBook project are restricted in access to only the home institutions. In this instance, if you click on other editions, you may find a print copy which you can then request through SUMMIT.

Can I read ebooks on library computers? If you are reading an  ebook on a Library computer, you will not be able to install Adobe Digital Editions which enables  the downloading of eBooks protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) software. Therefore, you will not be able to save ebooks to these computers. On a Library computer, you can only read the ebook online.


How long can I use an eBook?  EBL books have a free browse period of 10 minutes, you will then be prompted to check out the eBook for 24 hours. ebrary Academic Complete  books have an unlimited browse period. Depending on the book, checkout times will either be 7 or 14 days. EBSCO offers a 15 minute browsing.Checkout time is 7 days.

Can I hightlight text? ebrary allows you to highlight text after login to one's ebrary Academic Complete account.

Can I take notes? EBL, ebrary Academic Complete, and EBSCO allow you to take and save notes once you have downloaded the eBook or have logged into your eBrary and EBSCO account.

Can I renew an eBook? No,  if you need an eBook for longer than the vendor's checkout  period, try to downloand again.  However,once the checkout expires,  your notes and highlights are lost.

Can I put an eBook on hold?   Only Ebsco eBooks can have holds.  To put a book on hold, you need to sign in to "My Ebscohost" where you will be asked if you want to put a book on hold.

How many pages can I print? EBL allows users to print 20% of a books content, pages don't need to be consecutive. Ebsco allows users to print 60 pages per book per session, although it may vary by title; ebrary allows a percentage of the title.  All platforms require Adobe Digital Editions for printing.

What is the difference between downloading and viewing an eBook? The difference depends on the vendor providing the eBook.           
Viewing eBooks refers to reading the eBook in an online browser. The only requirement is an internet connection.  No additional software is required. Downloading an eBook allows you to read the book anytime, with or without an internet connection.  This function requires the free installation of Adobe Digital Editions.

Where do I go to download Adobe Digital Editions? Adobe Digital Editions: A free software that allows you to download eBooks

Why do I need to have an Adobe account?   My Adobe Account: This account allows the digital editions to be assigned to you. If you download the eBook to  compatible device you own  you will activate with that ID.

Where do I get the app for reading eBooks on my mobile device? Bluefire Reader: A Free App that allows you to download eBooks to your mobile devices.

Can I put ebooks on other devices, eg.  Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPhone? Check the compatibility of each device by going either to the tab Software/Devices or to the individual tabs for EBL, ebrary and Ebscohost.

Does the library have eBooks from Amazon?  The licensing for eBooks from Amazon specify that they are licensed only for personal use. Since the library's ebooks are shared,  we can only purchase ebooks which are licensed for group use.

Can I put an eBook on course reserves?  EBL allows for faculty to put items on reserve. Reserve items are entire books or single eBook chapters that are 'set aside' by a librarian for less than 24 hour lending. When eBooks or eBook chapters are put on reserve, a new web access link is generated for them.

How do I cite eBooks?   Citing an eBook in MLA  Citing an eBook in APA

What is an ADOBE  ID account?   An Adobe ID  gives you access to all Adobe-owned services including  the Bluefire Reader and the ebrary Reader. An Adobe ID is identified by a username (your e-mail address) and a password.




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