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How to Find and Use eBooks

Purpose of this guide is to provide information and instructions on the Lemieux Library's eBook collection.

What are eBooks? And what are the first steps to using them?


      An eBook also referred to as an electronic book, E-Book or Digital Book can be the digital version of a book created at the same time as the printed edition. It can also be a digitally text converted to be viewed on computers, laptops, ebook readers or mobile phones.

1.  Create Adobe ID account : allows the digital editions to be assigned to you.(If you download the eBook to device, you will activate with that ID. Adobe Digital is the software which manages the eBook).

2.  Download Adobe Digital editions.: the software which manages the eBook. 

3. Create an account with  Ebscohost and ebrary, Look for the "Sign In" link at the top of the screen. (You do not need one with EBL).

4. Search and checkout/download an eBook

5.  Download a reading app for your device: Bluefire, Aldiko for Android/Kindle Fire

6. Transfer to a mobile device.

What general things do I need to know about eBooks?

The library has several eBook collections. The three main eBook lending platforms are:

EBL (Electronic Book Library)   Limited browsing  before download prompt. For download/checkout create an Adobe ID Account/download Adobe Digital Editions.

ebrary Academic Complete   Can be read on computer without downloading.  For download/checkout create accounts with ebrary and Adobe ID. An ebrary account is needed to take notes and highlight. Download Adobe Digital Editions

EBSCO eBooks Can be read on computer without downloading. For download/check out create  Ebsco and Adobe ID accounts. Download Adobe Digital Editons.

  • All 3 platforms require one to create an  Adobe ID  / download Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Each platform determines viewing and checkout length as well as how the title is accessed, number of pages allowed for printing, and checkingout/downloading process. View tabs above for vendor specific details. See tab Other Collections for other eBook collections.

How can you find and identify ebooks at Lemieux Library?

Lemieux Library has eBooks that you can view, print, and/or checkout/download.  Search the catalog for an eBook as you would  for any other book: by title, author, subject or keyword Look for these pointers in the record:

1.  eBook is part of the cover icon

2.   Full Text Online is appears under the title and author information.

3.   The link "Availability" includes information on access and availability of the title in this format.

If you want to see if a topic is in eBook format, use the  advanced search feature of the catalog, select Material Type  and then choose ebooks.


Can I access eBooks on Summit?

Most eBooks in SUMMIT are licensed and available only to the current students, faculty and staff of the institution which purchased the eBook.  The exception are those books which are part of a cooperative project by the Orbis Corbis Libraries, a consortium of Pacific Northwest academic libraries.

EBL/ebrary Academic Complete and SUMMIT:

Lemieux Library, as a member of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, is part of a cooperative eBook project using EBL and more recently ebrary Academic Complete books.  The record for an eBook title selected from this project will be in the Primo Catalog catalog and the Lemieux catalog. For EBL books You will see a note which says Ebook Library (Orbis Cascade Ebook Program)  You will then be directed to the Orbis Cascade page - here identify Seattle University as your home institution and enter your user ID and password to view online. ebrary Academic Complete titles do not require a log in to view.  If Lemieux Library has purchased an ebook title from either of these platforms, you will see an additional note indicating that the title is restricted to SU.

Can I read eBooks on Library Lab Computers?

You can read but not download an eBook on a Library computer. Most eBooks are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems which publishers use to control access to a work. To download DRM books,use the free software Adobe Digital Editions which you can download on your own computer, but not on library computers.

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