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Group Study Rooms

The information provided here and the policies that apply to use of the rooms are designed to support maximum flexibility of the spaces and to ensure an equitable, productive, and safe experience for all users.

Reserve a group study room for a meeting or event

Advanced Outlook users may wish to use the Outlook desktop application to reserve a group study room in Lemieux Library. You will still be limited to bookings up to two weeks in advance, for events up to two hours long. To follow these instructions you will use the Microsoft Outlook desktop application, instead of the Outlook 365 web application to reserve the room, and the procedure is quite similar to the procedure for inviting a person to a meeting or event.

Meeting requests more than two hours long, more than two weeks in advance, conflicting with a pre-existing booking, or for a recurring event, will be automatically declined. If you do not receive a confirmation email from the room, you do not have a reservation.


  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your PC or Mac.
  2. Switch to your Calendar.
  3. Create a new event by double-clicking the start time, clicking the New Appointment or New Meeting buttons, or typing Ctrl+N (on a PC) or Cmd+N (on a Mac).
  4. Set the start and end times for your event, and optionally populate the Subject, Location and Description fields.
  5. Switch to the Scheduling assistant by clicking the Scheduling Assistant button (on a PC), or the Invite button followed by the Scheduling button (on a Mac).
  6. Select a group study from the directory by:
    1. PC instructions:
      1. Click Add Room (bottom left of the window)
      2. Select All Rooms from the drop down box
      3. Double-click on the room you would like to book
      4. Click the OK button
    2. Mac instructions:
      1. Click the "+" button next to the Add Room label
      2. Set the drop down menus to "Search Names Only" and "All Rooms (LDAP)"
      3. Type "Lemi" in the search field
      4. Single-click on the room you would like to book
      5. Click the Required button
      6. Close the window
  7. Check for conflicting appointments in the scheduling view. If you see any conflicting appointments, your request will be declined. Repeat step 6, and select another room.
  8. Complete the request by clicking the Appointment button, and then the Send button (on a PC), or the Send button (on a Mac.
  9. Wait for a confirmation email, it should arrive in a few minutes, or less.

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