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Foreign Language newspapers

Newspapers in languages taught at Seattle U.

CHINESE - Global Times, English edition

Established as a Chinese language publication in 1993, an English language version was launched on the 20 April 2009 as part of a Chinese campaign  to compete with overseas media.

FRENCH - Le Monde

A daily newspaper published in Paris with center-left point of view.

FRENCH - La Presse

La Presse, founded in 1884, is a French language daily newspaper published Mondays through Saturdays in Montreal, Quebec.

GERMAN - Die Welt

Published daily in Hamburg, Germany this newspaper is generally considered to be conservative.

GERMAN - Süddeutsche Zeitung

Although the title, often abbreviated SZ, literally translates as "South German Newspaper", it is read throughout Germany by 1.1 million readers daily

ITALIAN - La Repubblica

The largest circulation Italian daily general interest newspaper.  It began as a radical/socialist newspaper and has since moderated to a center-left political outlook.

ITALIAN - La Stampa

La Stampa (The Press) is an Italian daily newspaper published in Turin.


JAPANESE - Yomiuri Shimbun

SPANISH - La Jornada

La Jornada is a leading Mexico City daily newspaper.


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