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Articles for Business Research

Article Databases

Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review is a commonly requested publication. The link below will take you directly to the publication. You can either search for specific articles using the "Search within this publication" feature or browse the magazine using date menu on the right side. Note: Harvard Business Review does not allow permalinking or printing of articles.

Additional Business Publications

To find a specific publication that are not on these lists, use this tool to see whether online access is available. Enter the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper. The publication will be available if there is an entry. Select the name of the publication and you will see options for online access.

Finding Full-Text from a Citation

Sometimes you will be given a list of articles to find from a syllabus or want to track down a reference in an article. Here is some general guidance on finding the full-text from a citation.

First, try Google Scholar. While we recommend searching the business article databases for articles since they provide better filters and tools, if you are looking for the full-text form a citation Google Scholar is the fastest way to determine whether the article is available from the Library or freely available online elsewhere. 

Watch: Searching for full-text using Google Scholar (3:00 minutes)

If Google Scholar does not show that the video is available from the Library or elsewhere you will need to request the article from Interlibrary Loan. By submitting a request, the Library will search for the article on your behalf and either obtain a copy from another library or purchase the article on your behalf. Generally, it takes two to three business days, but may be longer due to COVID related restrictions. There is no cost to this service and you will receive an email with a link to download the article when it is available. More information on Interlibrary Loan and instructions for sending a request can be found from the link below.

Link to: Interlibrary Loan

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership publications are a way for firms to demonstrate their expertise on a particular subject. Many large consulting firms publish articles, reports, videos, and research on industries large and small. 

Most of these publication are free, although you may have to create an account with the organization.

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