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UNdata is the United Nations' statistical database that includes data published by the UN and its affiliated agencies.

With over 60 million data cells, this source covers the following topics and more: Agriculture, Balance of payments, Communication and culture, Construction, Development assistance, Education, Energy and environment, Finance, Health, Households and families, Housing, Income and consumption, Industry, Labor, Foreign trade, Prices, Population, Science and technology, Services industry, Public welfare, Public safety.

  • Glossary can be searched in categories: demographic, environment, population estimates and projections.
  • Metadata provides descriptions of each of the UN databases: also links to home page and other features
  • More (Country): Statistical summary pages for countries
  • Databases: Here the databases are organized by categories
  • Country Data Services: Links to national statistical offices 

Searching UN data

Courtesy of University of Warwick Library

UN Comtrade

What? UN Comtrade, or the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database, is a comprehensive source for trade data. It provides access to trade information detailed by commodity and partner country for over 170 countries.

Data Source?  Created by data reported by member countries to the United Nations Statistical Division.

  • Values are converted into US dollars
  • Quantities are converted into metric
  • Commodities are organized by HS 2002 (SITC classification)

Size and Time Series?  Largest portal for trade data, with over one billion records with time series back to 1962. 

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