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Lemieux Library
Lemieux Library

Navigating Information

Understanding how we get information and why that matters.

What is Fake News?

Fake news: media relying on fabricated, sensationalized, or completely false information, but designed to look like truthful news.

Use the resources below to learn more about what fake news is, its consequences, how it spreads, and how to recognize it. 

Context on Fake News

Know It When You See It: Identifying Fake News

Get the Facts: Fact-Checking Organizations

Watch and Learn

In October 2020 Felipe Anaya, Associate Librarian and Coordinator for Service Design and Assessment, presented at Albers Ethics Week on identifying mis- and disinformation on the internet. His Lunch and Learn, titled Our Responsibility in the Age of Social Media and linked below, was an interactive session on how to follow up on sources found through social media, a timely topic for today's social and political environment. You can try the activities in the presentation yourself by using the following links.