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Lemieux Library
Lemieux Library

Card Access: Swipe to Study

This guide outlines the library's policy regarding building access after 6 pm.


Q. I am an undergraduate, and I practically live in the library during open hours. Will I need special permission to get into the Library after 6:00 pm? Will I have to purchase a new campus card to get this permission?

All current SU students, faculty, and staff with valid SU Campus Cards will be able to swipe into the Library after 6pm. You do not need special permission. The Library has partnered with SU Public Safety and Information Technology Services to provide current students, faculty, and staff the same access permissions that allow you to swipe into the 24/7 space after the Library closes. You do not need to purchase a new SU Campus Card unless you do not have one, or yours is broken. 

If your card is broken or missing, please contact SUperCopy for information on how to replace it. 


Q. What is the reasoning behind the new policy? Was there something specific that prompted the change? I think it's important to have a university community that is open to engaging with our neighborhood. 

There was no specific incident that prompted this change, rather this was a decision based partly on feedback from students, faculty, and staff, and as part of Seattle University’s commitment to provide our campus community with more secure spaces. Our commitment reflects trends on other college and university campuses. Swipe to Study allows us to improve the safety and security of Seattle University students, faculty, and staff by adjusting our control of physical access to the Library by requiring patrons have a current, valid SU Campus Card to swipe for access after 8:00 p.m. 

Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons is open 88.5 hours per week. Community members will have access to the building 52.5 hours per week under the new policy. During these hours, community members have access to our facilities, the collection, study spaces, and guest research stations.

Seattle University’s 15 year+ commitment to connecting campus and community remains strong. The Center for Community Engagement reflects this commitment in action.  


Q. I’m not a current student at Seattle University, but I live nearby, and use the Library several days a week. Will I still be able to do this, or will I be asked to leave at 6pm? 

Community members are still welcome to use the Library. Although a valid SU Campus Card is required for entrance after 6 pm and on the weekends. We will not be checking IDs or asking people to leave at 6 week days. If you are inside the Library before 6pm, you are welcome to stay.