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Lemieux Library
Lemieux Library

IDLS 2300 - Interdisciplinary Inquiry (Schulz): Course Guide

Course Guide


Welcome! This research guide was created to provide you with the resources to research your Disciplinary Fieldwork Project. These resources are intended to be a starting point for your research.
In class activity - Google Spreadsheet: Discipline, Sub-Topic, Keywords

Research Resources

Research Guides

A research guide is an organized collection of resources related to a certain topic. Use the research guides to find discipline specific databases. List of Disciplinary Research Guides:


A preprint is version of a research manuscript that is disseminated prior to the peer review process. Preprints are frequently posted in an electronic format and often made available to the public are often associated with a push towards Open Access (OA) as well as efforts to expedite the dissemination of scientific content. While preprints have been around for several decades, the Covid-19 global pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in the number of publications archived in preprint servers. List of interdisciplinary preprint servers:

Additional Online Resources

Examples of Discipline Specific Associations and Organizations

Research Methods

Disciplinary Fieldwork Project