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Lemieux Library
Lemieux Library

Citation Index & Journal Metrics Pilot

Citation Indexes

"Citation indexes allow researchers to trace the impact of an article upon later publications. Besides including the
bibliographic information about an article (author, article title, journal title, date, etc.), citation indexes also provide
each article’s references or bibliography (the list of sources cited). The database then links papers together using
these citations, allowing the researcher to see both the references an author has used as well as other authors who
later cited this article in their own papers."
(Univ. of Toledo - Citation Index Guide)  

Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar are all citation indexes, but vary in content and scope.  Below is a quick comparison to these resources. 

Comparison of Citation Resources

  Web of Science Scopus Google Scholar
Producer Clarivate Elsevier Google
Pilot Content Scope -Science Citation Index
-Social Science Citation Index
Science, technology, medicine, social
science, and arts and humanities.
All subject areas
Indexed Journals 21,894 journals

39,743 Titles
-25,100 active
-14,558 inactive

Pilot Date Range 2021 plus access to rolling backfile 2010-2020 1970 - present Unknown
Update Frequency Daily Daily Unknown
Citation Analysis Yes Yes No
Export Records Yes Yes Yes
Alerts Services Yes Yes Yes
Linking to SU Subscriptions Yes  Yes Yes
Author Profiles Author created and edited through ResearcherID Generated and edited by Scopus Author Created and edited
Indexed Proceedings Add-on product & cost to WOS (not included in Pilot) 9.8 million conference papers - (from over 120,000 events) Unknown
Indexed Books Add-on product & cost to WOS (not included in Pilot)    
Journal Metrics Add-on product & cost to WOS (included in Pilot)   CiteScore -- Free resource No