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Lemieux Library
Lemieux Library

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The Library’s History, Design and Remodel





  1. Location 

  1. History, Design, and Remodel

  1. Space and Feel 


Staff and Collections





  1. Library Staff  

  1. Library Collections    

  1. Library Special Collections  


Places and Spaces





  1. Classrooms and Computer Labs    

  1. Library Study Spaces 


Your Research Project





  1. Research Services and Student Peer Research Consultants  

  1. Access Services 

  1. Library Technology Support 


Sharpening Your Skills





  1. Learning Commons Partnership and Collaboration  

  1. Writing Center  

  1. Math Lab  

  1. Learning Assistance Programs  


Creating Something New





  1. Media Production Center 

  2. Billodue Makerspace 


Dean’s Message Fall ‘22