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Lemieux Library
Lemieux Library

Funding Resources

Resources for Seattle University faculty, staff, and students seeking funding opportunities

Office of Sponsored Projects

Seattle University's Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) coordinates the application for and management of funding granted for the purpose of carrying out a particular activity, such as scholarly research or a creative endeavor (a "sponsored project").

Faculty and staff seeking funding from an external source for a sponsored project must consult with and receive approval from OSP prior to submitting any proposal or application for external funding. For more information about the sponsored project application process or to discuss a planned submission, please contact OSP for additional information.

Funding From the Federal Government

Funding From State Government

If you are interested in searching for additional funding that may be offered through Washington state agencies, Access Washington acts as a hub for state information. Use the search box in the upper right of their home page to retrieve results from all Washington state and city government websites in a single search.

Funding From Local Government