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Lemieux Library
Lemieux Library

The Media Production Center

Fall 2020 MPC Online Learning Guide

Bring your imagination to life

In the Lemieux Library's Media Production Center you have access to all the tools, training and support, you need to take a your creative idea from concept to the big screen (or YouTube, or a smartphone, or a car stereo...).

The Media Production Center (MPC), located on the first floor of the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons, is here to enhance the Seattle University student experience by offering tools, training, and space for students, clubs, faculty, and staff to create their own original multimedia productions.

Although class-related productions are given top priority, the production and post-production equipment/software are also available to students, faculty and staff for personal development and artistic vision. Whether you’d like to produce a documentary, sports highlight reel, slide show, graphic animation, digital art, an original movie, music video, or original music composition – we are here to help!

We will not do your project for you or offer a production team, but we will provide training opportunities and the majority of the tools you’ll need to complete your own production. You supply the crew and we supply the tools!

The MPC is available for the creation of multimedia productions only. This includes Video, Audio, Music, Photo, Animation and Graphics. The MPC is not available for use as a computer lab for papers or basic Internet access.

If schedule or resource demands conflict, the following list will determine who gets top priority and who may have to reschedule or wait for availability:

  1. Student creating a multimedia project for a specific class
  2. Faculty/Staff creating a multimedia project designed to support a specific class
  3. Students/Faculty/Staff creating a multimedia project for an official SU club/sport
  4. Students creating a Departmental or University-wide multimedia project
  5. Faculty/Staff creating a Departmental or University-wide multimedia project
  6. Students creating a multimedia project in support of personal development or artistic vision
  7. Faculty/Staff creating a multimedia project in support of personal development/artistic vision