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Open Educational Resources (OERs) are educational materials that can be used and re-used freely, because they're either in the public domain or open-licensed.

Benefits of OERs:

  • reduced textbook costs for students
  • social responsibility: improves access to education for socio-economically disadvantaged students in the US and more broadly around the world
  • online access
  • diversity of content & formats: OER's include can include multimedia as well as print materials
  • open licensing standards (i.e. Creative Commons) facilitate sharing

General OER Resources


By definition, OER's are materials that have either been marked with an open license, such as Creative Commons, or that have fallen into the public domain.  

  • Works in the public domain are not protected by copyright, so you can re-use them freely without permission, because:
    • Copyright has expired
    • The work was never protected by copyright
    • The work was donated to the public domain
    • It's a US government publication
  • Creative Commons is the most widely used type of open license.   CC licenses are free, standardized licenses that you can use to share your creations, and to define the ways in which others may use those creations.

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